interactive volume rendering for yt

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This package provides interactive visualization using OpenGL for datasets loaded in yt. It is written to provide both scripting and interactive access.

example of using yt_idv


  • Rendering of multi-resolution (AMR) volume data

  • Rendering of unstructured mesh data

  • Fully-traitlets-ized interface for controlling the rendering properties

  • DearImGUI-based interactive controls

  • On-screen rendering powered by pyglet and off-screen EGL) through PyOpenGL

  • Multiple annotations:

    • Text

    • Boxes

    • Block and grid outlines

  • Support for sub-selections of data via the yt data selection interface

  • Integration with the ipywidgets Image widget.



This package was initially created as part of yt, with the first iteration written by Chuck Rozhon. The conversion to use traitlets, pyglet and a more flexible shader interface was done by Matthew Turk, with contributions from Kacper Kowalik and Chris Havlin.

This package was created with Cookiecutter and the ``audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage` <>`_ project template.